Update – Working through requests as resources allow, thank you for your patience. Due to an increase in traffic, SFV can only do restocks once a year from now on. There will be a focus on new requests.


Seeds for Vets mission is simple, to provide free cannabis, vegetable/herb, and companion plant seeds to US Service Veterans, as well as vitamins, supplements, and helpful teas, so they may grow their own medicine and receive the horticultural therapy it provides along the way – and feel better right away doing it. All that is required from the veteran is proof of service – whether part of an ID, paperwork, or matching pic in uniform – simple. Since starting operations in 2017 SFV has distributed many hundreds of thousands of seeds all across the nation(and world). Thank you for your support.

Back “in the office” taking care of requests as I am able. Seeds(cannabis, hemp. veggies and herbs) and vitamins and minerals and night time and feel better teas now available.


General update on non-profit status/funding:

Non profit status for Seeds for Vets is currently impossible given federal laws – many hours have been spent working on this. (what do you know, a dem president in 2020 doesnt even clear this up, crazy huh?) Since beginning of 2020 SFV has been entirely run on sales from Purpose Genetics and my day to day work, I have not accepted any monetary donations for almost 2 years. As such please be patient if I am in backlog or catching up, I truly appreciate your patience as I work through requests and I do want to get to your request as quickly as the seedbank and resources allow. 


On a side note. I am working on a non-cannabis non-profit so that we can kickstart horticultural therapy for veterans across the country in every other arena of growing, and when the fed catches up, well then maybe we’ll enter that space too. Thanks everyone for your support.


(OLD – for record)

UPDATE 6/8 – I will be “out of the office” from June 9th – 13th visiting non profits and farms in Colorado. I have done my best to get up to date with sendouts before leaving, any requests made in the next week will most likely not be responded to until after Monday the 14th. 
Currently seed stock is very low and there will be a focus on new requests over restocks. If you need a restock please wait a year between requests, thank you. 

UPDATE 3/19/21 – Out of backlog, but resources are fairly limited so please be patient as I work through requests. Restocks must be yearly now to make sure there is enough to go around.

UPDATE 2/11/21 – As many know by now, I had some trouble getting Non-Profit status with the Fed, but we did have some good conversations with the State and are working towards something, it has been a long and tough process maintaining the ear of politicians on the matter. In the meantime SFV is a privately run endeavor(personal expense) without much support or man power so please be patient as I work through requests. Thank you very much to our seed donors they have been really keeping us going through Covid. Check out the latest instagram posts to see the latest donors. 


UPDATE 7/15/20 – SFV is working with State agencies to better cannabis laws in the state. SFV and PHV have run into some significant legal difficulties trying to go non-profit at the state and federal level, as such SFV is still a privately run/funded and volunteer organization so your patience with seed requests is appreciated. I will do my best not to enter backlog, but may have to from time to time as the only thing funding the operation is Purpose Genetics sales and occasional donations. PLEASE do not send an email requesting seeds if “Backlog” is at top of page, thank you.

Update 12/20/19 With big thanks to @project_delta518 and @fireintheholegenetics the bank will remain open through the holiday. While seed stock has been  graciously replenished, the shipping fund has been depleted. Only new requests for now please no restocks, thank you.

Update 12/19/19 – Holiday has cleaned out the bank, SFV will need to go dark for a brief hiatus while the seedbank is restocked. If you are a seed donor please get in touch concerning a potential seed donation, it is greatly needed and appreciated.

Update 5/26/19 – backlog has been worked through. Currently working on Non-Profit status but having issues with “legislative gaps”, will keep updated.

update 4/2/19 (legal disclaimer)

     Seeds for Vets is working on Non Profit status, but currently IS NOT an official “Charity”, after this recent tax season I thought I’d clear this up until things change.
     SFV currently is a personal expense of mine and Purpose Genetics, and some friends that help out(greatly). Seeds for Vets does not intend(currently) to purport itself as a Non-Profit Tax Exempt organization. It’s in the works, but is not the case now.
This means I/We don’t receive any formal or sustained funding nor are paid for our time/expenses in running what SFV has become(and I experienced a “loss” this past year). So I have to again ask for some patience from those requesting seeds. Please have the patience you’d have with a self employed individual, not a large organization. If/when you get seeds please treat them as though there will not be restocks/resends, current conditions don’t make restocks an easy thing to do. I’m getting requests for restocks only weeks or a couple months after getting a package, I can’t keep up with that.

     Given that I don’t have 501c3 status yet, it’s an even bigger testament to the care and intention of those that have donated, they haven’t been getting any tax benefits from the donations and are just doing it for the good of our nation and vets, so give them a thanks again – most businesses only donate when they know they can deduct it. (The Grumpy Giant , @terp_fi3nd, @fireintheholegenetics, Brian and Papa G, Seeds Here Now, Rick Campanella and Brothers Grimm, Jinxproof, and many more, give them a round of thanks again, it’s a big ask just donating to something on a promise and no tax deduction. (the best thanks is buying their gear  )

     I’ve had a few people mention my “non-profit” recently and I have to clear it up that SFV currently is not a non-profit, it’s a personal expense, I don’t want there to be legal confusion until there is official certification. (can you tell my tax guy put the fear of God into me?

I’m working on the Non-Profit process and have alot of ideas for growth and new things, and ways to support more veterans more often, but currently am in crunch again and need your patience with requests, thanks!

all this aside, lots of stuff is still going out, happy growing to the vets that are getting their packs Going to be a good seaso

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A history of healing

For over 6000 years, cannabis has helped humankind. From food, to clothing, to medical salves and extracts, it has been an integral part of our health and well being throughout the ages. While the various medicines themselves from the cannabis plant have been cherished over time: THC, CBD, as well as over 70 important Cannabinoids that can work together creating an entourage effect of relief, it is the growing process itself that can yield amazing therapy, peace, and growth for the one that undertakes it. It is both the healing medicine, as well as the healing grow process, that Seeds for Vets is proud to support.

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