FAQ/Helpful Info

Update – Working through requests as resources allow, thank you for your patience. Due to an increase in traffic, SFV can only do restocks once a year from now on. There will be a focus on new requests.

What do I need to receive seeds or vitamins/supplements from Seeds for Vets?

All Veterans are eligible for free seeds and vitamin assistance from Seeds for Vets, all that is required is proof of service. Proof of service can be provided in various forms, whatever works to verify. SFV does not need entire forms and understands the hesitancy to transmit sensitive information – we try and make it easy. A simple pic of an ID that says “Veteran”, part of paperwork with a name that matches, or a pic in uniform that matches a profile pic(or similar verification) will work. The process can be started HERE, on the “Contact” page. Send a msg requesting seeds, making sure to type in your email correctly. You’ll then get a response to your email address asking for the verification and information to complete the request.

What else should I provide with verification?

Provide the other items of information requested in the contact all in the same message as your verification, it will greatly help keeps things moving and provide the fastest service.

What strains will you provide? Is there a list to choose from?

SFV is unable to maintain and provide lists, I do my best though to tailor the mix of strains to the needs of the Veteran as requested. So if you’d need something more for night-time aid and insomnia, or general pain relief, or mood help etc, mention it and the mix will be more tailored to your needs. The majority of the cannabis seedbank is photo-period regular seed.

What is “Backlog”, why does front page say SFV is in Backlog?

Seeds for Vets only has so much for resources. Sometimes the seedbank is low and requests have to be slowed to meet demand, or sometimes there are simply too many to fulfill before new requests become too overwhelming to keep track of. If you see the Backlog header on main page please wait to send a request, it will only slow the process for you and others, thank you. Restocks are available now once a year, please consider some of the cloning methods below.

What seeds are in the SFV bank? What do I get?

As you might imagine I go through alot of beans here at the bank, so it’s a rotating stock. I constantly have to seed-raise to keep stock up so there isn’t any way to assure of a certain type, but it’s all good stuff! More often than not it’s 2-5 selections from the breeders found HERE and a couple packs from Purpose Genetics . COVID has greatly hindered my ability to raise donations for the banks(no shows to go to, breeders on tough times etc), so please be patient if in backlog or there is a wait for response, I may just be low on stock and am waiting to better supply the packs.

Are you a veteran run group?

No, and partially yes. The Founder, Ian, is not a veteran but sees this as a way to give back to those that have served, and do his part now as he can. Tom, a founding member and integral part of the team, and head of the group Patriots Helping Vets, is a Veteran and helps and consults as needed. Many of the breeders that donate to the SFV bank are veterans as well. 

Is Seeds for Vets a Non-Profit Organization?

No, I have tried for a couple years now. But, we’re working on a separate non-profit now that will support non-cannabis horticultural therapy and agriculture so we can better serve veterans now. Currently SFV is a personal expense for Ian(Purpose Genetics) – so thank you for your patience if things are delayed here and there. I am working with the state to foster better laws which may serve as a model for the federal level as well in regards to gifting and sales – it’s all a work in progress.

What’s the point of all this?

As the Vision Statement says: To help veterans grow their own medicine, and heal along the way. In order of importance though it may be: promote horticultural therapy, then the medicine. Most of the time cannabis is only seen as an end-game, the flowers and extracts, though there is far more to it than that. More often than not the growing process itself yields greater fruits for the gardener than the end result; Seeds for Vets is a strong advocate for the benefits of horticultural therapy, for veterans and for all. For some literature on the many benefits of gardening click HERE

Having a constructive daily activity and garden companion for months is worth far more than the cost of water and soil. Seeds for Vets would like to make this activity and journey as easy as possible for Veterans looking to grow their own medicine and uncover a green thumb(or receive a souvenir package of thanks if not in a legal state)

Like Tom says “It’s better to have a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war”


How can I support Seeds for Vets?

The greatest needs currently are for stable genetics, and shipping funds. If you are a breeder with a strain you think would benefit the veteran community please get in touch. While we cannot offer a tax deduction for the donation, we’d love to offer thanks in the form of an ad/posting on our social media. Good deeds should be rewarded, and our followers love meeting those that donate to the cause. It’s a media impression with impact that connects multiple communities together. Send us a message on the contact page if you would like to donate seeds, or if you would like to help us out with shipping and logistics costs.

My state is still working on medical cannabis laws, can I still get seeds?

Yes. However they come with a different intention. Please abide by local laws and treat them as objects of appreciation, souvenirs, and representations of potential growth. SFV does not want anyone to feel left out in receiving something that makes them feel loved and appreciated, however please abide by local laws. 

I want to germinate my seeds, how do I do it?

One of the easiest ways is what’s often called the paper towel method. 

Soak the seeds for several hours in good clean water.

Place them in a moist paper towel section.

Place an upside down plate on top to create a “clamshell”, then place in a warm area.

One can also put the paper towel packets into other things like folded baggies(vented), little rubbermaids with the lids cracked, etc. warm with a little air is what’s key, make sure the paper towel isn’t too water logged, that can drown the seeds.

They are ready to be planted when they look like this.

You don’t want the tails to grow too long while in the towels, that can stress them.

Once there is a small tail the seed is ready to be planted, it can be best to use a gentle instrument to place the seed in the hole, but many use their clean fingers to do so(as pictured). Like the planting of most seeds, it should be about the depth of the seeds height down into the soil. There are two camps of which way to plant the seed, and they are both right for different reasons. Most plant the seed tail-down as pictured to the right, this will produce the fastest sprout and require less depth for planting.

However this is often what results when the seed is planted tail down. It’s mostly harmless and most often is shucked off the plant naturally, but every so often it can stunt the early growth of the plant. Which is why some plant the seeds just a little deeper with the tails up, so that the seed shucks off the shell as it turns around and comes back to the surface(pretty smart, just takes more patience).

For the small time hobby grower tail down often is fine, if one has numbers and can’t tend to each perhaps tail up. it’s up to you. 

If you do get this with one of your sprouts(picture to right), don’t worry, simply wait a day to see if the opening of the seedling pushes it off, alternatively you can gently open the shell off the seedling and remove it. Placing a clear  cup over it for a couple hours prior can moisten the shell and make it easier. However, more often than not it will fall off naturally. Let nature do it’s thing is often a good rule of thumb in the garden.


Cloning, What is it? Should I try it?

Cloning is a way to preserve a specific genetic from the cutting of a plant. It is also a great way to multiply a group of plants without more seeds. every set of seeds comes with a bit of variety, cloning one particular plant is a way to exactly replicate that plant and the traits you like. See one of the bunch that stands out? Clone it! There’s a couple videos to the right that should help give an idea of the process. One does not need much equipment – it is helpful to have an aloe plant around though, works great as a natural rooting hormone.

Here it is with Aloe.Quick and easy. One won’t have 100% success rate but do several and you’ll certainly have some new plants to go with.

I don’t have much space or money, what would I need for indoor growing?

The video to the right does a pretty good job of outlining what would be needed for a ~3x3ft grow tent setup, though one could get away with even just one fan for a tent that size. We can’t vet the actual brands and products in the video(they may be good, havent checked), but it’s a good outline.

Here’s a general needed list for a grow tent setup:

-Grow Tent

-4in inline fan and filter with 4 inch ducting. filter is mainly for smell during flower

-Grow light

-fan for airflow




-nutrients/amendments for veg and bloom if not using special super soil