The Mission

What we are all about

Seeds for Vets is a network of caring breeders, traders, and businessmen and women that care for the health and well being of our Veterans. Through donations of time, seed, land, money, and more, Seeds for Vets brings together some of the best in the industry to lend a helping hand.

The idea came after I heard that several veterans had been given bad beans, I thought it terrible and looked into it. After some digging I learned that not only were many Vets being scammed in the seed trade, but many shied away from growing altogether because of a lack of trust, as well as a lack of support for their grows. I knew this could be changed. I reached out in the breeder and grower networks and found nothing but amazing support and love for the idea Рthe change began immediately.  Through collaboration of people from all over the states, and now the world, veterans have received free seeds as well as grow support. The change and healing is real, every seed.